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We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to learning for all as we recognize that all great minds don't think alike.


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Meet our professional staff of diagnosticians and instructors versed in a wide range of disciplines.


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Read stories and testimonials about learners of all ages who found academic and social success at the Stern Center.


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Join our knowledgeable and experienced staff in learning research-proven strategies in the areas of literacy, social cognition, math, and more.


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Browse our entire collection of Professional Learning offerings. Find a course for yourself or design a customized remedial program for your school/district.



Discover the program that teaches early care and education providers as well as parents how to foster early literacy skills in children ages five and under.


Customized Instruction

Our talented team of instructors works closely with each individual student, their family and the school/educational team to create a customized learning plan that best suits the student’s needs.

Using research-proven techniques and strategies, our instructors work one-to-one with students to help develop their strengths. We work with a diverse group of students including those with learning disabilities and dyslexia as well as those looking to advance their math or reading skills through enrichment.

“We believe that it is important to respect every individual learner’s pace while simultaneously encouraging and challenging them to exceed their own expectations.” – Michelle Szabo, Program Manager for Instruction

In addition to our Instructional services, we have experts that can provide support with autism, attentional disorders, as well as speech and language challenges. In some cases, students receive both instruction and communication services. Students work with knowledgeable and experienced staff for one hour to multiple hours each week; we see students either in our offices or at the student’s school. Our services are available throughout the school year and during the summer for children and teens.  

Programs Offerred

Our variety of programs offer support in:

  • reading (decoding), fluency and comprehension
  • spelling and morphology
  • writing mechanics, composition and grammar
  • math operations and problem solving
  • study and organizational skills

Additional Services for Middle and High School Students

As your local, nonprofit organization, we believe in finding the strategies and techniques to help your child improve his or her SAT score. As of March2016, the SAT was revised, which made it a more challenging test for those who have a hard time comprehending text or math problems. Our experts are available to help your child find the strategies that will work for him or her. Preparing in advance with a Stern Center tutor will help your teen feel confident and more comfortable with the SAT, therefore allowing him or her to feel prepared on the day of the test.

  • Review specific, effective test-taking strategies
  • Guided feedback based on analysis of needs with error analysis
  • Introductory diagnostic test or review of PSAT
  • Customized to your learning style

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SAT Prep

Homework Support

Our tutors provide support in the following subject areas: Math, Language Arts, History, and more

Online Instruction

The Stern Center is pleased to offer our clients and their families a new means of connecting for instruction – online tutoring.

Registration Form

If you are a returning client, we look forward to continuing our relationship with you and your family. To get started, please feel free to download our registration form or complete the contact us form below.

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2018-19 Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2018 19 (PDF)

The Story of Sara

As an eleven-year old, Sara loved the clarinet and lacrosse, and she felt great about learning and school.  This was a big change from Sara’s start in school. In first grade, Sara had difficulty pronouncing words correctly. She also had difficulty learning handwriting. At first, Sara was embarrassed and felt insecure in school. She thought it was her fault she could not learn at the same pace and in the same way as her classmates. Sara’s parents, teacher, and Stern Center staff worked out a plan to help her succeed. Sara’s parents explained that the Stern Center …

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PK-12 Student
Stern Services Provided
  • Instruction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the frequency and length of your instruction sessions?

The number and length of sessions are based on individual needs, schedules, and program requirements. Most students come for one or two hours of instruction per week during the school year.

When is instruction offered?

Our instruction program runs from September to June for a maximum of 36 weeks for our school year. We also offer a six-week program available during the summer. Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. and Saturday (Williston Location) 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

When can I begin?

You may begin instruction at any time during the school year and continue into the summer. You may also participate in our six-week long summer program.

How do I begin services?

1. Contact our instruction intake coordinator by calling 802-878-2332 or by email
2. Since we'll want to know how we can help you, we'll hold an initial intake session

3. Complete a registration form

We feel that it's important that we match the needs of the student to the appropriate instructor. Instruction could begin in less than a week.

What do you teach about reading?

We teach what the National Reading Panel calls the BIG FIVE: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. We do it through a structured literacy approach, which means that the teaching is explicit, systematic, and sequential.

Does the Stern Center only work with students with learning disabilities?

We provide services to everyone. In fact, 40% of students who benefit from Stern Center services do not have any kind of diagnosed disability. We understand that learning is a brain function and that all of us learn differently. Our customized services are based on educational research findings to suit all students.

Does the instructor collaborate with my child’s teacher(s)?

Yes. The instruction program collaborates with a student’s school teacher(s).

Do you offer summer instruction?

Yes, however the commitment is a short six weeks and instruction is more intensive. We recommend two to four hours per week. For more information about our summer program, please check out our Summer Learning Opportunities page located under Programs and Services, Additional Sections.

Do you offer instruction off-site or online tutoring?

Stern Center instructors are available to provide instruction at schools and work sites. Also, we provide online instruction to students in grades 4 and up in the areas of reading, writing, math, executive function, and SAT/ACT prep.

How much does instruction cost?

Although cost may be a factor in making a decision, we offer high-quality, research-based instruction that is individualized for our students. Most clients receive a scholarship, or additional assistance, to reduce the cost of services. We encourage you to review our Scholarship and Financial Aid section before making a final decision.

What does the cost of instruction cover?

In addition to receiving customized instruction, the cost includes:

  • Brief family conferences with the instructor

  • Classroom teacher contact through email and telephone

  • Written progress reports

  • Opportunities for observation by parents and teachers

Do you offer financial assistance?

Yes. Through the generosity of individuals, organizations, and foundations, we are able to award scholarships and provide additional assistance. We welcome you to review our Scholarship and Financial Aid section.

What is your cancellation policy for instructional services?

The Stern Center has committed significant resources, both in time and money, to meet the needs of students by guaranteeing instructional times and individualized instructional programs. For this reason, full or partial withdrawal during the semester will result in a pro-rated decrease of the fee paid, less a $100 administrative charge. No refund will be made for first semester after November 1 or for the second semester after March 28th. Exceptions to this withdrawal policy may be arranged on a case by case basis.

Why are you the Stern Center for "Language" and Learning?

We believe that understanding how our English language works is important to listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Reading and written language have oral language foundations.

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I truly believe that Karen teaching my son how to utilize PROMPT techniques has minimized frustrations that stemmed from not being able to talk. Despite his apraxia, words he once had trouble completing now come out complete and clear thanks to Karen’s help.

- Sherry Mullican // Mother of former Stern Center student