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The Story of Matt

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Matt’s determination paired with the connection that he made with his instructor allowed him to work through his struggles with dyslexia and find his own success.

In third grade, Matt did his best to keep his secret from his teacher and his classmates. However, his tricks of memorization and class-clown behavior kept them in the dark for only so long. Eventually, it became apparent. He could not read.

So began his private journey. He did not want to be dyslexic, but like so many others, it was out of his control. Despite these challenges, he had the determination to overcome them and after five years of private tutoring in reading, writing, and math, he was a star student on the High Honor Roll. Although his challenges will never completely disappear he has continued to press on. Instilled with the self-confidence to be a diligent learner, he was able to excel even in the rigorous academic environment of college.

Now a graduate of George Washington University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Political Science and a minor in Statistics, Matt still credits much of his success to his time spent at the Stern Center. Even today he relies heavily on many of the reading and math skills developed at the Stern Center, stating, “As I reflect on what brought me to where I am today, Neil (his instructor) and the Stern Center are two very large pieces.”

After a variety of summer internships, including one with Senator Patrick Leahy, another with Senator, Max Baucus, and a final one with Bates White Economic Consulting, Matt is now a full-time employee with Bates White.

Today, Matt embraces his dyslexia, has identified ways in which he can use it as a strength, and is comfortable with being so unique. Check out the two articles he wrote for our blog!


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